Monday 6 June 2011

Summer Fishing

A high speed “train of thought” blog entry about family fishing as I have imminent disk failure on my computer… Kerouac did it better and I need a type writer... or pencil. Next entry will be handwritten.

4.49, snooze function, 5.00, snooze function. 5.10, snooze function.. 5.35..eek. Sort hair out, poke eye with eye pencil, steal socks from Pa. Slurp tea. Tumble in the car, 6.05. Pa grumbles. Ma ignores. Radio 4, Farmer’s Hour, trouble with artificial insemination of cattle… Doze…..
 Popplewell services, have a pee. Be prepared. Buy: milk, bread, cigarettes, ingest sweet coffee like a drug. Stonehenge overrated, retro.  Pretty villages, arrive at river, met by old family friend. Rod up, scotch egg tea. 
Cast, cast, tangle. Cast Cast tangle fish! Bank too high, scoop net.
 Jump in river, return fishing swimming away happily..ahhhh… rain. rain.  Drip, drip, chaffe, chaffe. Change trousers.  Cast, cast, cast, cast, tangle. Cast cast cast, tangle, lose fly new cast put on. Cast, cast, cast no fish. Get in a sulk. Cast, cast catch fish cheer up. Lunch time, bacon and egg pie, corned beef sandwich, om, nom nom.  Fish with Ma. Leap in river, retrun fish. Fish with Pa, leap in river return very big fish. Fish with friend, leap in river, return pretty fish. Mayfly falling, change fly, all is well. Cast, cast, fish. Cast, cast fish.  Cup of tea. Cast, cast,  fish. Cast, cast, tangle. Sun setting, drive off home. Exhausted. Snore, snore, smiley face.

My Father's Twenty Four Inch Monster Fish