Friday 13 November 2009

An Introduction.

I decided to start a blog because there is such a rich literary history that goes with fly fishing. Hemmingway, Arthur Ransome and my all time fishing hero Charles Ritz, from whom I have stolen my blog title from. A Flyfisherman's Life changed how I thought about fishing and the way I fish. Above all I think he taught me the importance of panache and style.
I think that it is high time a woman wrote about fishing, there must be some perspective on fishing that is different from that of a man's. I will emphasise though that it is not because I am feminist about fishing, just that there should be a wide range of voices writing about and expressing their thoughts about their passions.
I suppose I ought to add here that in general I seek a day when there is no gender divide in fishing. I refuse to join ladies' fishing clubs. I think their aims are admirable, on the whole to attract more girls to the sport. I long for the day when I meet fellow fishers on the riverbank see I am a girl and ask me how the fishing has gone rather than the normal expression of surprise that I fish solely because of my gender. However, for me ladies' clubs have the mild yet horrible implication that women are disadvantaged in some way as regards to their fishing abilities. I staunchly disagree with this. If "the rod does the work" then it shouldn't make a difference who holds it. I think shall be my last word on the subject of gender. I am sure we all experience the same rush of excitement- that same first date belly flip when a trout rises to the surface to part its mouth and give itself up for a kiss of your fly that tells you you've pulled.
It's those experiences I wish to share here and my winter angst and longing to get back to the trout dating game in spring.